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Kranyus DIY Red Sparkle - Teodoru

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Kranyus DIY Red Sparkle - Teodoru

Kranyus may remind you of a grim version of a certain mouse, though it's been the staple character of Austrian artist Teodoru for decades! Teo manages to capture an aesthetic that is both reminiscent of early last century while the use of digital techniques breaths new life into our favorite phantoms of the past. This spin on the classic symbol of corporate character holds a haunting view of blind following yet still keeps the approachable heart of it's inspiration. With 8 points of articulation KRANYUS is one of the most playable designer toys and is a perfect piece to interact with however you like. His poses offered are classic and cheeky and we find that he changes scenery often with how much he can add to any collection.

Artist: Teodoru
Brand: Martian Toys
Medium: Vinyl
Size: 8 in.

Price: $49.00
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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 22 January, 2020.