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MINI MISCREANTS Metallic Menace Edition - Miscreation Toys

The MINI MISCREANTS! These six dinky degenerates stand a full two-inches tall and are loaded with perverse personality! The Mini Miscreants are Skullen, Goob, Jawrr, Nariphon, Demonette, and Half Skullen.
The MINI MISCREANTS were designed and sculpted by Miscreation Toys and produced by Toy Art Gallery. Each Miscreant stands 2 inches tall and has one point of articulation. The METALLIC MENACE Edition is factory painted in shimmering gold and blue paint on a black soft vinyl with multiple painted details. This edition also includes a Mini Mincreants enamel pin!

Medium: Vinyl
Size: 2 in.

Price: $70.00
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This product was added to our catalog on Friday 11 January, 2019.