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The Melty Misfits Trading Cards - Buff Monster

The Melty Misfits is a set of trading cards created by artist Buff Monster and produced by Sidekick Labs. With an incredible eye for detail, we've gone to great lengths to create the highest quality homage to Garbage Pail Kids possible. Each of the original paintings used for the cards was painted 5x7" using acrylic and airbrush, just like the original GPK paintings were done. The cards are offset printed using custom-mixed inks on custom-made sticker stock, kiss-cut and packaged in a vintage-style wax wrapper. The backs of the cards feature puzzles, checklists and reproductions of the pencil sketches used to paint the cards.
Each unopened box contains a complete set (1-30 a+b), along with special inserts such as signed cards, variants, errors and a poster. Some boxes have original sketch cards, and one box will have the Golden Ticket (redeemable for an original painting by Buff Monster- the first painting completed for the this series, but never used on a card).
7 sticker cards per pack (listing is for ONE pack)

Artist: Buff Monster

Price: $5.00
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